I think Greylock or Sequoia may be hiring

Glocap just sent out an email blast about a big firm in the Valley looking for a post-MBA associate to cover enterprise software. Here’s a link to the posting. Sounds like the hiring firm wants someone with operating experience in the software space.

Glocap always tries to be mysterious in these job postings, which is pretty funny because then they describe the firm in a way that’s a dead giveaway. For example, in this post, they describe the firm as follows: “Our client is a global, multi-billion AUM venture capital firm with over 40 years of history and success in partnering with entrepreneurs.” There are only 3 firms that come to mind in the Valley that fit that profile – KPCB, Greylock, and Sequoia. And one of them (KPCB) doesn’t hire associates, so that leaves us with two – Greylock and Sequoia. If I were a betting man, I’d say its Greylock, because they just brought on a new General Partner (who may need some associate(d) bandwidth).

My recommendation: if you have some enterprise software chops, and are post-MBA (or soon to be), network your way into these firms and don’t go to Glocap. I don’t have anything personal against Glocap but if you’re looking for your first job in venture, recruiters (in my experience) are not typically very helpful. You’re better off expending some networking cycles to find someone who knows someone at the firm.

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