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Aside from not blogging recently, I have been spending alot of time speaking with folks in the online marketing space as I work on building the go-to-market strategy and machinery for VMTurbo.  One area which I knew little about when I started having these discussions (although now I do know a little bit more!) is SEO.  Here are some tips I’ve picked up over the last few months:

  • Content is king:  Make sure you have lots of content on your site, that you update it regularly.  Create an editorial schedule that states when you will post, and on which topic, and then stick to it!  Although frequent updates are good, just getting started and sticking to a regular schedule (even if it means you’re only posting every couple of weeks or once a month) is still very useful.
  • Get Links-the more relevant, the better:  The more links you get from relevant and respected sites, the better your SEO ranking.  For example, 1 link to your company’s website from a article about your industry on is going to be weighed more highly than 10 links from blogs that have nothing to do with your industry.
  • Make your content SEO friendly:  There are consultants as well as products and services that can help you make your site SEO friendly.  Make sure you are doing something to help make your site more appealing to the search engine crawlers.  In some cases, especially if you’re a web-based business, it may make sense to develop the SEO expertise in house.  One SEO friendly practice is using META tags with the specific keywords you’d like to rank for, and to include those keywords within your content text as well.  On the flip side, sites that are too Flash heavy often don’t index well with Google.

There’s no rocket science here, but if you’re an SEO newbie, I think these tips can definitely help you get going in the right direction.

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  1. Great points. Why do people think that they can build a successful web based business by trying to trick the search engines, when it’s much easier to merely create top notch content. All to many people become proficient at manipulating the search engines, only to have the rules change the next day. When that happens, the people that created great content will be unfazed, but those that tried to fool the engines …

  2. SEO tips are surely helpful guides for ones who started to learn about SEO. Although there are benefits that you can get when a website is being optimized, it should also remembered that content is what matters most.

  3. Great little starter tips, you’ve defo covered the top 3 areas with SEO. One thing to remember is gain links on a small but regualr basis. Getting 1000 links in one day is spammy and you will probs get a penalty from Google.

  4. Well put, although you only tough the tips of many iceburgs. SEO is very intricate in the way it all comes together, from backlinks to article marketing, social networking and much more. But if you start at the top, like you did and work your way through, you’ll see how it all interconnects. And the importance is evident.

  5. Great understandable tips.A link building stratergy is a must.A constant and regular number of backlinks from relevant sites is vital to increase your sites rankings in the search engines.

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