Flock, I hardly knew ye

This weekend I decided to switch back Firefox after using Flock for the last year or so.  I originally started using Flock because I thought the close tie-ins with various social media (my delicious bookmarks, Facebook account, Flicker account) would be handy and also save me some time in keeping my various pieces of the social web up to date.  However, as of late the performance of the browser became fairly poor, and I’m not sure if it was because of the add-ins I was using or if it was due to the browser itself.

So now, I’m back to plain ol’ Firefox.  Have the delicious plugin installed and a PDF plugin but that’s all.  So far so good.  Runs like lightning and hopefully will continue that way.

Now, Flock wasn’t all bad.  The best parts of the Flock experience was definitely the photo uploader (where I could pull photos off the web and go right to Flickr – excellent for grabbing other people’s pics of my kids) and the delicious integration.  And the fact that Flock is based on Firefox means that most Firefox plugins should work (although much to my chagrin the drop.io plugin that I’ve been wanting to try isn’t supported for Flock!)

By the way, I’m on a Mac and use the built in browser (Safari) only minimally – like when Firefox doesn’t work on a site for some reason.  Is there any other compelling reason to use Safari over Firefox?  I can’t think of any but would love to hear if there are good reasons.


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