Venture Capital (VC) Platform Job Openings

Below is a list of openings for VC platform roles, which we update each week, by hand.

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What is a VC Platform Operator?

As a platform operator at a venture capital fund, your role revolves around supporting the portfolio companies and facilitating their growth. Your primary objective is to provide operational guidance and resources to help these companies succeed. Here are a few key responsibilities that you might have as a platform operator:

  1. Portfolio Company Support: As a platform operator, you work closely with the portfolio companies in the fund’s investment portfolio. You act as a point of contact, offering guidance and support across various operational areas. This could include assisting with talent acquisition, developing growth strategies, refining business processes, and providing access to relevant industry connections and resources.
  2. Network Building: A crucial aspect of your role is building and expanding the fund’s network of resources and connections. This involves forging relationships with industry experts, potential customers, strategic partners, and service providers. By establishing a strong network, you can effectively connect portfolio companies with the right people, helping them navigate challenges and access opportunities for growth.
  3. Knowledge Sharing: As a platform operator, you play a pivotal role in knowledge sharing and best practices. You organize workshops, seminars, and events to educate portfolio companies on topics such as marketing, product development, fundraising, and operational efficiency. You may also curate a repository of educational resources, tools, and templates to provide portfolio companies with valuable insights and guidance.
  4. Operational Expertise: Drawing from your experience and expertise, you offer operational guidance to portfolio companies. This may involve assessing their existing processes, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing strategies to optimize efficiency and scale operations. You may also provide guidance on financial modeling, budgeting, and fundraising strategies to help companies achieve their milestones and secure additional funding rounds.
  5. Performance Tracking and Reporting: As a platform operator, you track the progress and performance of portfolio companies. This involves monitoring key metrics, evaluating milestones, and providing regular reports to the fund’s leadership team. By analyzing and presenting data, you contribute to investment decision-making and help identify potential areas of improvement or additional support needed for portfolio companies.

Overall, as a platform operator at a venture capital fund, you serve as a valuable resource and partner to portfolio companies. Your goal is to help them overcome challenges, leverage opportunities, and ultimately drive their success by providing operational guidance, building networks, fostering knowledge sharing, and tracking their progress.