Road to a VC Career

In this book, I share what I learned during multiple successful venture capital job searches and through coaching others to help them secure jobs at VC firms like Rho Ventures and Trident Capital.

Chapters and topics include:

  • What’s the job of a junior VC? (A discussion of the day-to-day work of an analyst or associate)
  • Onramps to venture capital (Feeder jobs and industries to the venture capital industry)
  • Do you need an MBA?
  • What makes a good VC? (Skills that can help you be successful in this industry)
  • Where are the jobs? (Finding/creating venture capital job opportunities)
  • Where are the internships? (Finding/creating internship opportunities as an undergrad or grad student)
  • Introductions and followups (The lifeblood of a VC job hunt)
  • The Informational Interview (Once you get it, how to get the most out of it)
  • Offer negotiations (If you’re fortunate enough to have offers to join multiple firms)
  • Exit options (If you’re not a VC lifer, some thoughts on careers that might make sense post-VC)

Finding Startup Jobs

The coolest startup jobs aren’t advertised. In Finding Startup Jobs John Gannon gives you the passwords you need to crack into them.

– Amol Sarva, Co-founder Virgin Mobile USA and Founder of Knotable

Startups are a firm part of the new American Dream. As an entrepreneur and CEO of a startup, I open the playbook to job seekers on how to land a dream job in a startup and feature some of the leading investors, entrepreneurs, and flat-out hustlers in the industry.

I start at the beginning and challenge readers to examine the harsh realities of whether or not they are a good candidate to work in a startup environment. A good bit of the first few chapters are dedicated to educating readers and startup job seekers as to the potential roles available for a variety of skill sets including sales, marketing, product management, and more.

For most people, getting a great startup job hinges on networking and I explain step by step how to develop and cultivate a fruitful startup network. Choosing a company, interviewing, and negotiating a job offer are covered in detail as more advanced steps for a successful potential employee. The harsh realities of potentially being fired from a startup are discussed, as is the climate for MBAs in startups.

Regardless of your experience level, Finding Startup Jobs will ask you hard questions to determine your motivation, skill set, and preparedness for launching a startup career.

Becoming a cherished employee for a high-growth company can fundamentally change your career and life. Anyone considering joining this world should pick up Finding Startup Jobs immediately.

– Aaron O’Hearn, CoFounder of Startup Institute


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