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Networking tip for programmers – and everyone else

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Set aside one hour daily for active marketing: Software developers love to spend days and nights coding great stuff. Focusing on marketing, sales and customer activities is not quite as exciting. Put some discipline in place. A good starting point is to devote one hour per day of your time to work exclusively on marketing. And I don’t mean read the Web to learn about SEO.

Spend one full, active hour contributing to forums, pitching to people, e-mailing journalists and other key influencers that may be interested in what you do.

Does your web site have a success story from a real customer? Did you follow-up with the people you met at those meetings?

The first week, send at least two e-mails a day to people you have never met. By the third week, your goal is to receive one e-mail a day from people you don’t know. Once you figured it out, just scale.

via Good Programmers Don’t Need No Marketing « FairSoftware’s Blog.

Written by John Gannon

July 9, 2009 at 4:25 pm

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