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This is a quickie post but there a few blogs that I’ve been reading for a while that I absolutely love and wanted to share them.

  • Rick Segal’s Blog (The Post Money Value): Rick is a Canadian VC with a great sense of humor and you can tell that the way he blogs is the way he acts in person – very authentic.  I can’t prove that because I haven’t met Rick, but judging by how  he writes I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a good guy to grab a beer with.
  • Dave McClure‘s Blog (Master of 500 Hats): This blog is hilarious, irreverent, and incredibly informative if you’re building any kind of web startup.  There are not many things on the Internet that make me laugh out loud and this blog is one of them.  Where else can you read about tactics for acquiring users and the world’s oldest profession in a single blog post?  I thought so!
  • Seth Godin’s Blog:  I know, I’m Captain Obvious to point out Seth’s blog, considering he is one of the most well-known bloggers out there.  Still, I feel like I need to spread the word.
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