How I tripled my blog traffic without lifting a finger

I’ve been able to triple my blog’s traffic this year — with almost no effort — by automating the creation of over 50 blog posts:


And now I’m going to show you the exact steps I used so that you can do it yourself.

NOTE: This post isn’t just for bloggers

Even you haven’t started blogging (on LinkedIn, your own blog, or otherwise) this system I’m about to share is the easiest way for you to get started.

1. Get Started By Doing Nothing

I’m serious.

Just do what you always do when you see content (a blog post, a job post, doesn’t matter) you really like…

Save It:

(If you’re using different tools that solve similar problems — like Pocket — that’s OK. You may need to tweak bits of my system but the same overall process should still work for you.)

Then Categorize It

…so you can find it later.

Evernote’s Web Clipper lets me do this with Notebooks and Tags. Here’s an example:


Notice that:

2. Find A Human

Because they’re going to help with writing, editing, and executing your blog posts.

I know what you’re thinking: I don’t have the time or money to hire someone!

But this isn’t nearly as hard as you think. Just pick one of these simple options I’ve teed up for you:

  1. Go to Zirtual and hire a virtual assistant. That’s how I got started with automated blogging.

Now, usually it would cost you at least a few hundred dollars a month to hire a virtual assistant from them…BUT you’re in luck because you can:

  1. Buy a small block of tasks on FancyHands, another popular virtual assistant service.
  2. Visit Fiverr and buy an hour of virtual assistant time from one of their sellers.

3. Now Share

Share your Notebook publicly so the virtual assistant you’ve hired can access it. Here are some instructions for how to do just that.

4. Tie It Together Like The Terminator

Remember this guy? He was a cyborg — a mix of man and machine — and he was unstoppable.

And now you’re going to have your own (non-destructive) blogging cyborg if you follow these last 2 steps:

  • Give your virtual assistant access to post to your blog (or LinkedIn account, or Medium account — wherever you want the content to show up). You can safely share and revoke access to your accounts using a password sharing tool like Dashlane.
  • Let your virtual assistant know how to create blog posts from the content you’ve saved in Evernote. I’ve included the exact email I sent to my virtual assistant (below) so that you can send something similar to your virtual assistant. (These instructions are specific to posting to WordPress but you can make ever-so-slight tweaks to make them apply to LinkedIn or other platforms):

What Your Blog Looks Like In 3 Months (If You Follow These Steps)


  • You save 4-6 pieces of content per week in Evernote AND
  • You tell your VA to look in Evernote for new content twice per week (like I do)…

…you’ll have between 12 and 24 blog posts at the end of 3 months!

Not bad for only an hour of your time invested…and about $60 (for 12 posts) to $120 spent (for 24 posts) on the VA.

So give this a try for a month. What do you have to lose?

Plus, if you win our giveaway, you won’t even need to pay for a virtual assistant when you’re getting started!


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