Upcoming venture capital job hunting class online

I’m teaching the VC Job Hunting Hacks class again, but this time (for the first time!) Online (October 16). In this interactive course, you’ll get actionable tips that will help you accelerate your venture capital job hunt, and get you off on the right foot if you’re just getting started on your quest to become a VC.

In the class, we’ll cover:

  • How to secure interviews (Hint: It’s not by asking for a job)
  • How to identify which firms may be hiring (when they all say they’re not hiring)
  • How to stand out from a ridiculously competitive pack of applicants
  • How to follow up like a pro
  • How to negotiate an offer
  • How to build a powerful network that will benefit you for the rest of your career, even if you don’t end up working in VC

Note that the course content will be heavily focused on how to secure a job in venture capital, but many of the tips will have applications to other kinds of job hunts. Click here to see what other students have said about the class.

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