Teaching a VC careers Skillshare class in NYC on July 10th

I’m going to be teaching a Skillshare class on July 10th in NYC focused on tips/tricks/hacks to help people in their venture capital job hunt.  Click this link if you want to see the full description or would like to register.  And please, share with anyone you think would be interested.  This is the first Skillshare class I’ve ever taught and I’d like to teach it in a non-empty room ;) 

Big thanks to Amol Sarva for hosting me and my future students at Peek HQ!


  1. I am very interested but sadly I am not in New York. Is there a way you can videotape the class or make material available for a fee? Thanks

    1. I had not thought to record it but it is a great idea. If someone can record it for me I will definitely make it available in some way. It would be great to learn more about your background and how you found the blog, if you have a minute. Always really interested to learn how people find it. Thanks for reading!

    2. Thomas, I plan to offer the class online soon. Suggest subbing to my email list so you will get notification when I offer it. Also hope you saw the slides I posted a few days ago. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi John, I haven’t seen the slides you posted yet and I have not subscribed to your email list. Can you please leave a comment here when the class is ready to go live. Thank you very much

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