CoPatient helps you control your personal health care costs

Great idea, huge pain point, and huge market…obviously it is early days for this type of solution, but over the long term I think someone will end up a big winner in this space.

Healthcare in the United States is broken. Costs are spiraling out of control and consumers are feeling the pain. Even if you are lucky enough to receive health insurance through your employers, most people are experiencing higher costs for their healthcare in several ways. Greater cost sharing may come in the form of higher monthly insurance premiums, larger co-payments and deductibles or even greater financial responsibility in the form of co-insurance. And don’t even get us started on what happens to the uninsured …While all patients, regardless of insurance status, are being asked to pay more out-of-pocket, few tools exist to help them manage this new world. Patients receive bills that are hard to comprehend and often contain errors, but few resources exist to resolve these issues.CoPatient was created to give patients the knowledge and insight they need to effectively understand and manage their medical bills. We leverage technology – automation and analytics – as well as knowledge generated from the broader community to reach our goal of giving patients a stronger voice in the financing of their healthcare.

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