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  1. Leaving Amazon and my first day as an entrepreneur – A big step for me
  2. Founder productivity hack: The open meeting – Saves me a ton of time, and easy to implement
  3. 3 credibility killers for entrepreneurs – Easy mistakes to avoid
  4. How to construct a venture capital investment thesis, Bill Gurley style – Everything Bill writes is awesome, including this post
  5. The powerful productivity hack I stumbled upon completely by accident – No one likes an accident, but I loved this one
  6. The only monthly goals that matter for pre-product B2B startups – Keep it simple, stupid
  7. How to identify venture capital firms that may be hiring – Not every firm shouts from the rooftops that they are hiring, so here’s how you find where the rest of the VC jobs are
  8. Being too lean kills – Penny wise and pound foolish is no way to run your startup
  9. 3 Tech Skills You Absolutely Need—Especially if You Don’t Code – Saying you’re “not technical” is a cop out
  10. The rise of the SMB SaaS solution – Yes, it’s time

Written by John Gannon

December 23, 2014 at 11:41 am

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