Why today could be the day for your startup

I left my job at Cisco expecting that it might take six months to start a company. Two and a half years and more than a half-dozen serious start-up explorations later, I started BloomReach. There were plenty of reasons for the long run up. Markets that turned south. Teams that did not gel. Ideas that sucked. Prototypes that I hated. I tried to keep the bar high, believing that if I was going to pour my life into something, it had to work.

Raj De Datta, CEO and Co-founder of Bloomreach (from ‘Entrepreneurs don’t interview, they commit.’)

If you are starting a company your first team, target market segment, or product idea may not stick.

You’ll need to pivot your product, target market segment, or team (OK, maybe all 3 at once).

So clearly financial runway (personal and company) is important.

What you may not realize is that runway, even if it’s just a tiny landing strip, generates a ton of option value.

The best part? Doesn’t matter if you have 12 months or 12 weeks or 12 days of runway left to take advantage of it.

Today could be the day.

Another great reason to stick with the struggle


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