Broadening distribution of emailed job postings

I’ve been thinking about how many emailed job postings I see on a weekly basis via the various alumni lists to which I’m subscribed and wonder if there is something that could be done to help make these postings more widely accessible. Specifically, I’m wondering if job seekers would be willing to join a jobs email list that had these types of job postings.

A key assumption is that the people who share job postings on these lists are comfortable with having the job posted to another distribution list.

Another assumption is that a daily or weekly email with these jobs would be viewed favorably by job seekers, where they would want to join such a list and use it as another resource in their job search tool kit (vs just sticking to job websites or internet job searches).

Are these valid assumptions? Would you subscribe to such a list if it existed? And is there anyone out there doing this today?

Feedback appreciated!


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  1. As compared to a jobseeker writing her own resume, a resume written by a professional expert resume-writer would any day prove better.


    Before sending that well-written resume to a recruiter, can a jobseeker figure-out in advance whether that resume will

     get ” read / rated / ranked and scored ” by recruiter ?

     get compared automatically with resumes of other applicants ?

     get her an interview-call ?

    She can – if she will only type ” Resume Rater ” in Google and download this software tool ( free and without login ) from any of the 35+ websites.

    Resume Rater mimics the ” resume – evaluation ” process of recruiters’ minds but does it in an unbiased / objective way.


    hemen parekh

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