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Why isn’t VMware giving away chargeback for free?

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VMware announced GA for a bunch of products today, including the vCenter chargeback package.

I’m a little surprised that they have not priced it lower, or decided to give it away for free.

Most enterprise IT shops talk a good game about doing chargeback, but they rarely do implement, and if they do, its typically implemented on a very limited scale.

Better cost transparency will help VMware’s customers justify their virtualization investments while at the same time allowing internal IT make a case for why their workloads are better off running in an internal cloud versus with external cloud vendors.

Perhaps you find a way to bundle this functionality into a service provider pack (and maybe that’s who they really want to buy this stuff) but I think for typical enterprise IT shops, you go cheap or free.


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Written by John Gannon

July 13, 2009 at 8:49 pm

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