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The most dynamic entrepreneurs don’t have a pitch – they tell you a story.

Everyone loves a good story, and I think that story can really help connect you with potential investors.

For example, I recently spoke to an entrepreneur who started a company based on his experiences from being hospitalized for a severe illness.  You could sense that he was intrinsically motivated by his experience and was leveraging that motivation to bring that day in, day out intensity that leading a startup requires.

Not all pitches are going to have elements of life-threatening illnesses or transformative experiences.

However, it can be just as compelling to share detailed anecdotes from your previous work or less intense parts of your life and use that to paint a picture about why you’re the right person to have started your company.  And why you are intrinsically motivated to succeed, no matter the odds.

So, the next time you meet an investor, think about telling them a story.

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Written by John Gannon

February 27, 2009 at 9:16 pm

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  1. […] but if it’s 100% about the product (or even 70% about the product), it’s hard to tell the story that will convince the VC that this is an exciting team and market opportunity, with the right […]

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