Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference 2009 recap

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I spent Friday in Philadelphia at the Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference. It was a worthwhile trip although my networking circuits were fried afterwards.  I had the chance to put some faces to folks who I’ve spoken to at various times over the last couple of years and take in some very good keynote speeches (given by Donny Deutsch and Julian Brodsky of Comcast) and panels.  And I also met some new companies and investors whom I’d never spoken with before.

I think the organizers did a pretty good job with the format and agenda of the conference.  I was a little concerned when I saw both keynote speeches were 45 minutes long but thankfully both Julian Brodsky and Donny Deutsch were very engaging and I didn’t look at my watch once.  The panels were also kept to 45 minutes which gave enough time to flesh out whatever topic was being discussed as well as leave plenty of time for audience questions.

Good job, Wharton, I look forward to seeing you next year! :)

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