You heard it here second…Cisco virtual switches supported in ESX

Hoff from Rational Survivability just posted about the contents of his VMworld goodie bag.  Aside from whatever SWAG the VMware folks stuffed in there, it sounds like there was some marketing material in the bag touting support of Cisco switches within VMware ESX!

This is very big news and something that will be sure to increase adoption of VMware in production environments.  After all, the network guys will now have a) more visibility into the VMware environment and b) should be able to leverage their standard Cisco management toolkits to control the virtual switches running on ESX.

I’m very curious to see the details on how this is implemented.  There are going to be a wide variety of implications to how datacenters are operated, secured, and managed.  I’ll post again with analysis on this topic once more details become available.


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