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App for busy people who like to help other people

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Please build this app for me. I’ll be your first customer if you do.

Here’s the spec:

  1. Keeps track of the people I generally care to keep in touch with. Family, friends, or business associates are all fair game.
  2. Keeps track of people who have explicitly asked me to do a call or meeting regarding startup career advice.
  3. Monitors my calendar for times where I am traveling (on foot) from one place to another. Or detects when I am walking surface streets.
  4. When I am walking or traveling between meetings the app will suggest someone to call based on the list of folks compiled in #1 and #2. I can click ‘Call’ to call this person, ‘Next’ to see the next person on the list, or ‘Drop’ if the person shouldn’t be on the list any more.

End result is that I can help more people without making my schedule any busier. And if I just want to walk and not call anyone, that’s fine too :)



Written by John Gannon

May 30, 2014 at 8:49 am

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