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NY entrepreneur Mark LaRosa has been writing some amazing stuff on his blog QuotaCrush.  Although the blog is focused on how to improve your selling abilities (with the net effect being that you will crush your quota), I have found the advice contained within it to be tremendously applicable to business development, venture capital, and life in general.  Not to mention that the whole concept of QuotaCrush is a great example of personal branding.

Here is a snippet from a recent post he made about transparency in the sales process:

Total transparancy is something that prospects will respect you for – and something that will build trust in you and your company.

Once you have that trust, you will find that in general, people like to help people. So, when you call and ask for that deal, and you are honest about why you want to close that deal by a certain time, prospects who trust and respect you will generally do what they can to make that happen. Its not a guarantee for a sale, but it certainly is something that may help you get the deal sooner.

(via QuotaCrush » Blog Archive » Transparancy with prospects.)

I also really liked this post about Mark’s daughter convincing him to let her have a snack before dinner, which was really a post about persistence in the sales process.

Anyways, this is just a sample of the kind of stuff you’ll find on QuotaCrush.

Highly worth checking out, even if you don’t think you’re in sales.

Which, by the way, you are!

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