Congrats to Mashlogic on launch of their semantic web plugin

Mashlogic takes back the web
Mashlogic "takes back the web"

I was happy to see a TechCrunch article last night that indicated Mashlogic had publicly launched.  I have been using their alpha and beta versions of the Firefox plugin over the last few months and have been really happy with its ability to enrich the web-browsing experience.

In short, Mashlogic identifies text within web pages that match various data sources (LinkedIn profiles, Yelp restaurant listings, Amazon for book titles, etc) and then creates links in the page that weren’t already there.  This enables users to get a richer web experience and broader array of content, beyond what the publisher has provided.

Congrats to Ranjit and team for launching a great product!  It was well worth the wait and I can’t wait to see what other interesting and useful features they’ll build over time.

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