VC Timesaving Hack: Yahoo Pipes to track funding and M&A

Yahoo Pipes
Image by Duane Storey via Flickr

Yahoo Pipes is a neat service that allows you to create RSS feeds that are mashups of other RSS feeds.  I used Pipes to create an RSS feed that shows me most (all?) of the recent venture financing and M&A announcements that show up on a variety of venture capital and tech industry blogs. I realize VentureSource and services like it provide a daily emailed update with some of this stuff, but I prefer getting it from the blogosphere since there tends to be more analysis.

The filtering I’m using right now is pretty crude.  I look for words like ‘acquired’, ‘million’, and ‘Series’ to determine if a given post in any of the feeds being monitored is relvant to funding or M&A.  I put the Pipe together pretty quickly so I do get dupes, but it is still a great way for me to check on the latest and greatest without having to dig into individual blogs.  I have the Pipe on my iGoogle homepage so I see it every morning when I get in.

Here is the Pipe. Feel free to use it, share it, hack it, and let me know what you think.  And if you can tell me how to get the dupes out (or copy the pipe and do it for me) I’ll buy you lunch :)

By the way, does anyone know of any sites or services that are heavily relying on Yahoo Pipes?

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