Venture Capital (VC) Partner Job Openings

Below is a list of openings for VC partner roles, which we update each week, by hand.

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VC Job Seekers: You may see duplicate postings. That just means the VC firm has reposted the job.

What is a VC partner?

A venture capital (VC) partner is a key decision maker at a venture capital firm. They are responsible for everything from sourcing new investments to monitoring and guiding the progress of existing ones.

VC partners typically have a lot of experience in both business and investment, and they use this expertise to help young companies grow and become successful. They provide guidance, mentorship and networking opportunities to the founders of these businesses, and often take an active role in helping them to achieve their goals.

VC partners are essential to the success of any venture capital firm, and they play a crucial role in the growth of the venture capital industry as a whole.