VC Principal @ Venture Philanthropy Partners in Washington DC

Based in Washington, DC, Venture Philanthropy Partners (VPP) is a philanthropic investment organization that builds strong nonprofits and strategic networks that measurably improve the lives of children and youth throughout Greater Washington.

Over its eighteen years, Venture Philanthropy Partners has developed the experience, capacity and credibility of bringing government, businesses and the nonprofit and philanthropic communities together to successfully advance cross-sector initiatives. Using our venture philanthropy model, we have raised and deployed more than $110 million in funding to support capacity building initiatives in high-performing organizations where funding is traditionally scarce. These investments continue to serve more than 50,000 vulnerable youth annually. Recently, we expanded our model to include investments in building networks and cross-sector collaboratives that work within systems to improve the lives of vulnerable youth. Ready for Work: Champions for Career and College Graduates in Prince George’s County Maryland is an example of a cross-sector initiative in which VPP serves as the backbone organization.

VPP’s large-scale, cross-sector, multi-year funding efforts combine investment capital, strategic assistance and a network of talented professionals, with expertise in education, workforce development, social change, corporate philanthropy, government relations, outcomes, evaluation and finance. VPP also advises philanthropists, corporate and nonprofit leaders and policymakers on how to integrate VPP’s investment strategy approaches into their own philanthropic initiatives.


VPP is seeking a Principal to serve on our Investment Practice Group (IPG) team. The Principal works collaboratively with all members of the IPG team to strengthen our work and provides specific and strategic support to VPP’s Partners to ensure our investments produce long-term positive outcomes for our region’s vulnerable youth. VPP offers a highly challenging and intellectually engaging environment, an opportunity to meet and interact with thought leaders in multiple disciplines and across sectors, as well as, the chance to be part of a great team of people with similar social purpose.

The successful candidate will work directly with VPP’s executive team, the Investment Practice Group, board and outside consultants. The Principal works to ensure VPP’s investments in nonprofit organizations and/or collaborative networks (“nonprofit partners”), increase their positive impact on the lives of children in their communities. Principals help to build strong positive and trusting relationships with VPP’s nonprofit partners, serving as a secondary interface with nonprofit partners helping them to strengthen their organizational capacity and/or engagement in cross-sector networks.

Key Job Functions and Responsibilities

  • Support portfolio management and investment selection.
  • Strategically participate in external meetings/events and with relevant organizations to support landscaping efforts. Use knowledge gleaned to help identify new investments, including cross-sector network initiatives, nonprofit capacity building investments and place-based collaborative initiatives and inform VPP’s investment strategy.
  • Provide analyses, prepare investment analysis documents, investment materials, and periodic reporting documents, and conducting or coordinating research in support of VPP investments and initiatives.
  • Support a specific “domain expertise” that has application to VPP investments (e.g., strategic planning, educational attainment (pre-K through high school), youth development, public health, older youth (18-24), community development, postsecondary readiness and success, career readiness and preparation, outcomes assessment, or cross-sector collaborations).
  • Convene, lead and participate in meetings with cross-sector network partner staff, site visits and maintain network partner and other key stakeholder relationships.
  • Develop relationships with nonprofit organizations and cross-sector network leaders to a) learn about their aspirations, cultures, and programs; b) assess their success in achieving meaningful social outcomes for children; c) help gauge their leadership and management strength; d) assess their capacity for participating in a network investment, as appropriate; and e) assist in determining their potential to grow in scale and impact, ability to achieve their goals, assess their economic sustainability, and their willingness to work in an engaged partnership with VPP.
  • Capture VPP’s experiences and insights, as well as those of the nonprofit partner organizations and cross-sector networks, to ensure that valuable lessons are learned and contributing to research, the development of methodologies, and other systems and tools to support the VPP investment approach.
  • Develop and maintaining supportive relationships within the regional philanthropic and nonprofit communities and conveying VPP’s mission to these groups, which is critical to the success of VPP’s investments.

Candidate Profile

This Washington, DC-based position requires an individual with strong project management and grantmaking experience. We are looking for a driven, high-energy performer who is resourceful and creative, and possesses a heartfelt connection to the social and community issues and causes that drive VPP’s mission.


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