VC Partner @ Silicon Foundry in San Francisco, CA

Silicon Foundry (SiF) is a membership-based advisory platform that works with leading global corporations to unlock strategic partnership, development, and investment opportunities; some of the world’s top executives rely on us for unbiased advice and actionable solutions. We are laser focused on sourcing and developing impactful opportunities tailored to our Members’ specific priorities and goals. By leveraging our team’s unique access and deep networks (not databases), we deliver contextual intelligence and strategic connectivity that drives real outcomes – partnerships, JVs, direct investments, M&A, co-creation and fund LP positions.

Our Members include a diverse set of the world’s leading corporations across a wide range of industries – from entertainment to retail, telecom to transportation, oil and gas to mining, chemicals to cosmetics, economic development organizations, and beyond. Representative Members include British Petroleum, Delta Air Lines, Deutsche Telekom, Estée Lauder, Ford Motor Company, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Royal Bank of Scotland, Southwest Airlines, and UPS Ventures.


We’re fiercely protective of our culture; it is our unreplicable competitive advantage. The ideas and attributes below guide how we operate day to day as well as how we design and build our team. Partners at SiF will intuitively understand and align with these core principles.

Impact Everything we do is optimized for action and driving high-impact outcomes. You strive to have impact through the work you do and consistently challenge yourself, colleagues and our Members to “level up.“

Dimensionality You have the ability to move gracefully between diverse sets of stakeholders in order to navigate and translate the complex dynamics and information asymmetry that exists between corporates, startups, and other players across the ecosystem.

Context Our currency comes from our ability to identify and translate nuance that others don’t see and connect dots others never would. You have the unique ability to see signals, read between lines, and synthesize and prioritize information to create context that unlocks opportunity.

Integrity The most important thing we do is earn our Members’ trust and respect; that sometimes requires telling hard truths. You operate with confidence, humility, instinctive discretion, and integrity.

Curiosity We believe curiosity drives people to think more creatively and ask the provocative questions needed to drive novel possibilities. You are passionately curious and insatiably seek new information and experiences, which likely means you listen more than you speak.

Service DNA You love solving complex challenges and instinctively “do in service of” because helping others and catalyzing meaningful outcomes brings you joy.

Diversity of Thought We find uniformity limiting and believe the most valuable team is a collection of unusual suspects with complementary expertise and experiences, who can constructively challenge one another’s world views and present new ideas and perspectives.

Excellence We believe excellence and credibility go hand in hand. You are accountable, take pride in doing quality work, and are consistently pushing the bounds of what “impact” looks like.


We are scaling rapidly and seeking to add Partners to help build and evolve our platform. Silicon Foundry sits at the center of the ecosystem, and our Partners serve as our front line. These professionals interface daily with C-level corporate executives, top entrepreneurs, VC/PE investors, academics, and influencers and drive strategic visibility for our Members and our brand. Silicon Foundry’s Partners operate with a high degree of autonomy but thrive as part of a team; they also reflexively operate with a “We” not “I” mindset. Partners report directly to our CEO and lead working groups comprised of Principals, Associates, and Analysts.

Serve and Scale

Partners serve as an extension of our Members’ executive teams, develop a deep understanding of their businesses and strategic priorities, and represent them in the field every day.

  • Serve as the day-to-day interface and thought partner to select Members; maintain ongoing dialogue and deep understanding of their core interests and strategic goals
  • Proactively and systematically source actionable opportunities; identify early-stage companies with the most compelling teams, technology, and traction in order to make direct connections between those startups and Members
  • Track and measure the impact of these introductions, integrate Member feedback, and calibrate “filters” for ongoing connectivity
  • Architect and execute live executive briefings and intelligence reports designed to expose Members to frontier founders, transformative technologies, and new business models
  • Concept compelling experiences for Members that bring together top founders, investors, academics, and other industry influencers and work with the SiF events team to execute
  • Prospect, develop, close, and onboard new Members to the SiF platform

Expand Our Network

Our network powers everything we do. Our Partners continuously build authentic relationships with startup founders, investors, and industry influencers and experts to ensure we maintain unique access to critical intelligence and deal flow.

  • Consistently map your network to Foundry’s broader network of stakeholders in order to creatively connect the dots and complete high-value connections
  • Systematically grow and leverage your network to stay on the edge of the industry, technology, and cultural trends that will impact our Members
  • Identify new (plus help manage existing) relationships with key strategic partners including, incubators, startup studios, academic institutions, etc.
  • Proactively provide ideas about how to further organize and expand our expert network

Build the Platform

Static is boring, and complacency isn’t an option. Our Partners have a natural propensity for company building and will reflexively find ways to evolve the platform.

  • Proactively contribute ideas related to creatively and efficiently scaling our delivery model, developing new products/service offerings, and driving novel organizational design
  • Closely work with and mentor Principals, Associates, and Analysts
  • Consistently scout for extraordinary talent to expand our core team’s capabilities


We are committed to building a diverse and dimensional team but have found the following criteria to be universal in helping us to identify the people who are best positioned to thrive in our organization and this role.

  • 10+ years of proven performance in strategic business development, venture capital, corporate development, investment banking, and/or strategy consulting roles
  • Fundamental passion for, and knowledge of, the technology industry (broadly defined) and across sub-sectors and verticals
  • Equally comfortable navigating corporate hallways and being deeply embedded in the startup, investor, and influencer communities
  • High degree of ownership of work product and exceptional attention to detail
  • Exceedingly positive attitude and willingness to roll up sleeves in startup-type environment
  • Strong cultural fit tantamount; we are a tight-knit and cross-functional team that avoids politics, moves quickly, and creatively leverages resources

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