VC Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz in Menlo Park, CA

Andreessen Horowitz, a high technology venture capital firm, has an immediate opening for a Deal Partner on the crypto team.

Andreessen Horowitz is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm with $10 billion under management. Focused on investing in software eating the world, the firm partners with entrepreneurs in their company building at all stages – from seed to late-stage – in the biology, consumer, crypto, and enterprise industries. See companies here:

We are looking for a Deal Partner to join the crypto investment team, with a specific focus on permissionless blockchains and cryptonetworks. The a16z crypto team finds and invests in the crypto companies through both direct equity investments as well as token purchases. In this role, you will identify high-potential companies and opportunities based on both signals (“what’s trending?”) and theses (“what do we believe will happen in a specific market?”). In addition, you will contribute to the diligence and decision process, collaborate with the rest of the crypto team, and interact with our portfolio companies to ensure the success of our investments.
What you will do:
  • Find interesting companies and projects: Build and continuously update a set of companies to meet and projects to follow based on qualitative and quantitative signals, market theses, and a network of key relationships. You will work with the other members of the crypto team to identify what metrics are relevant, develop predictions about how specific markets are evolving, and track activity in the industry ecosystem.
  • Evaluate prospective investments: Assist in diligence efforts for specific companies we are considering investing in, or an entire category of startups we are evaluating. Specific tasks include capturing notes during pitches, calling customers or partners, checking references, analyzing metrics (in concert with our data science team), creating market maps, and other tasks related to evaluating a potential investment.
  • Cultivate a network of subject matter experts: Nurture and maintain relationships with influential people in crypto in order to both source deals as well as solicit expert input on a given topic. This could include prominent executives and operators working in crypto as well as academic researchers focused on a specific technology.
  • Co-author thoughtful content: Work with the team to co-author analyses and commentaries, and contribute to creating various forms of content about crypto intended for both general consumption as well as for more domain-specific, technical audiences.
  • Ad hoc research: Perform business and technology research on markets, companies, and trends in crypto that the firm is interested in.
Who you are:
  • 2–6 years of experience working in a variety of high-tech, finance, or fintech companies as a consultant, analyst, product manager, data scientist, or software engineer
  • Genuine intellectual curiosity, ability to learn new facts and concepts quickly and comprehensively, and to synthesize and communicate effectively to others in both verbal and written forms
  • Strong team player and ability to collaborate with colleagues, navigate relationships in both crypto and the broader technology ecosystem, and ensure that entrepreneurs have an excellent experience engaging with a16z
  • Ability to operate independently to navigate tight deadlines, juggle a long list of competing priorities, and operate in a dynamic environment without compromising sharp attention to detail
  • Intellectual horsepower, desire and proven ability to learn new domains and technologies quickly, energetic “can-do” attitude and commitment to excellence
Career Path

This job is one of the best possible preparations for working in the tech startup space or building your own company, as you’ll build a deep understanding of industry dynamics and see how one of the Valley’s most respected venture capital firms evaluates startups. We ask for a minimum 2-year commitment. After two to four years, people typically go on to join startups they fall in love with during diligence, start their own companies, go to graduate school, or take a more senior investing role in the firm.
If interested, please apply here.
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