VC Managing Partner @ Glenrock Ventures in Palo Alto, CA

Glenrock Ventures is part of Alumni Ventures Group, a fast-growing, 80-person organization that builds and manages alumni and focused venture capital funds. Our corporate headquarters, located in Manchester, NH, provides back-office support and other resources to our funds across the country. On an annual basis, these funds raise money from sophisticated investors to invest in venture and other alternative assets. AVG has successfully launched 20+ venture funds over the past four years and is looking to launch another dozen or so funds over the next few years. We are private, for profit, and not part of any school.

As AVG continues to grow, we are looking to extend our investing and community building capacity with the launch of Glenrock Ventures. To that end, we’re seeking an experienced, full-time Managing Partner with strong school ties who can contribute in both driving our community (fundraising, community engagement, and relationship development) and investing (sourcing, recruiting, researching, and evaluating deals) capabilities.

This is a full-time position based in our Bay Area office. As Managing Partner, you will report to and work closely with the Investment Team Board (comprised of AVG’s CEO, CIO, CCO, and CPO). This is a salaried position, with a comprehensive benefits package, and some travel as defined by the iTeam Board for the successful execution of your responsibilities.  

Basic Qualifications                        

  • Must be a UCLA alum
  • Significant VC capital or private equity investing experience preferred
  • Ability and willingness to build community and raise capital
  • Entrepreneurial DNA

Requirements for an Ideal Candidate


  • Excellent work ethic and professional demeanor
  • Demonstrated interest and experience in entrepreneurism and emerging companies
  • Experience successfully managing multiple, complex projects at the same time
  • Exceptional networker, with an ability to grow our system and process for identifying deals
  • Strong writer and communicator, excellent listener
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented, balanced by ability to get and communicate big picture
  • Self-starter and independent manager, but good team player and personnel manager
  • Smart, creative thinker and problem-solver, fast learner, with demonstrated initiative
  • Strong teamwork with HQ teams to achieve goals, compliance, and open communication


  • Strong research and analytical skills, particularly in the area of venture investing
  • Experience in company research and due diligence preparation
  • Familiarity with deal structuring and closing (i.e. ability to read, analyze, and assess term sheets)
  • Networking prowess to identify and utilize experts that can be consulted on deals, industries, and markets
  • Exceptional financial and venture acumen
  • Ability to quickly garner credibility, respect, and trust from complete strangers
  • High level of gravitas and understanding of how the venture community functions and AVG’s place within it
  • Domain expertise in an area of interest is preferred


  • Strong fundraising skills and ability to excel in all aspects of holding meetings, taking calls, follow-up, and closing
  • Nurture your community by holding meetings, attending events, working with HQ
  • With CCO and VP of Marketing, work to establish specific fundraising goals

Community Building

  • Superior relationship development/management skills with a comfort and desire to regularly interact with potential community members
  • Track record of being able to build meaningful relationships
  • Ability to turn a meaningful community member into an engaged investor through strong communication and repeated demonstration of AVG’s value
  • Strong influence and connections within your alumni community and university ecosystem
  • Assist in the coaching of junior resources
  • Work on helping build the relationship with UCLA
  • Experience and comfort with engaging UHNW individuals

Role / Responsibilities

  • Meet and exceed regular, periodic goals as established by HQ and all appropriate functional departments (i.e. Community, Office of Investments, etc.).
  • Establish, manage, and grow personal relationships with fellow alumni throughout the venture community and well beyond
  • Identify top-tier deal resources and conduct outreach to VCs, entrepreneurs, incubators, and more to help cement deal flow for the fund
  • Educate deal sources and companies/entrepreneurs about our process and effectively manage relationships in a professional, courteous manner
  • Research and evaluate each company and industry as a potential investment, including the company teams, competitors, and customers
  • Help oversee and manage due diligence
  • Manage the Glenrock team, directing, coaching, and mentoring the fund’s second chair.
  • Work directly the funds’ second chair on pipeline management and deal opportunities
  • Drive all IC-related matters
  • Present companies to Investment Committee, and respond to IC, CIO and LP questions, run deal meetings and orchestrate IC meetings
  • Lead and close conversations and meetings with Fund investors
  • Serve as the primary face of the fund, and help drive community growth, strength, and effectiveness
  • Work directly with the AVG portfolio companies to develop a strong relationship to facilitate future investment opportunities
  • Lead investor relations and potential investor outreach
  • Engage with and support our Fellows, provide mentorship and leverage their time to support fund activities
  • Help supervise back-end functions as needed
  • Suggest improvements to our approach, process, products, and services
  • Be an exceptional teammate and partner for the fund, your sister funds, and fellow colleagues
  • Adhere to AVG policies and procedures regarding conduct, job performance, information management, and administrative functions, communicating appropriately regarding any need for exceptions


  • Base Salary
  • Competitive Benefits
  • Equity in AVG
  • Carried Interest

If interested, please apply here.

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