VC Manager @ Hyundai CRADLE in Mountain View, CA


• Explore new opportunities by finding Startups related to emerging technology and new business.
• Find and create the strategic fit, linking the core technology&business of Startups to Corporate needs.
• Through the strategic investment, creating new value for Corporate’s business

[Roles & Responsibility]

• Identify and evaluate the innovative startups/ventures and the technology trends of interest to Hyundai Motor Company
• Lead investments in global startups – Develop investment theme and deliver analysis reports to support
strategic and financial goals of Hyundai Motor Company
• Collaborate with investment Teams/Headquarter with the investment process (deal sourcing, due diligence,  post-investment management)
• Generate opportunities for joint projects between Hyundai Motor Company and the local innovation ecosystem like startups, tech firms or research institutions
• Support startups’ business & technology development and explore the strategic value between Hyundai Motor Company and Startups as a post-investment activity
• Design, prepare and facilitate internal workshops
• Participate in industry events to network with startups
• Cooperate with HYUNDAI CRADLEs over the world to fulfill the strategic goals of Hyundai Motor Company.


[Spirit – Attitude/Personality Needed to the Job]

• Passion for the startup ecosystem like and venture capital industry
• Ability to coherently present to R&D teams innovative startup technology and uniqueness
• Team player – work in small ninja team that mutually works together
• 3+ years of professional experience at a venture capital firm, strategy consulting firm, private equity or equivalent experience   (experience in the automotive industry preferred)

[Professional Skills – Knowledge & Skills & Others (Certification, etc.)]

• Analytical skills to identify/review/evaluate emerging technologies, applications and new business models
• Ability to financial analysis (Valuation, Analysis to financial statements)

[Background – Education / Working Experience]

• Technical based Bachelors or Master Degree (MUST, preference
  with honors)
• Ph.D. or MBA is preferred


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