VC Investor @ Knockout Capital in San Francisco, CA

If you are a current angel or VC investor with hands-on cybersecurity, technology, semiconductor, research, or robotics experience, please apply to join our angel network. The perks are a sense of community, and access to the coolest startups in the ecosystem before they are discovered. We are highly selective accepting less than 1% of applicants and are seeking individuals with technical expertise or research, from a world-class background.

****Important Note:  We are thankful, but there are a plethora of individuals that wished to join as scouts who did not have a genuiine desire to help startups, and did not quite understand our investment thesis. Our network is not for individuals to solicit in order to break into venture as we would like them to use that time to help new innovations; it is about collaboration, giving to entrepreneurs, sharing deals, events, and resources. There are catered programs that specialize in in helping individuals achieve that goal. The best routes to becoming an early vc: being an entrepreneur, angel, IB/Consulting/Hedge Funds, or even starting your own firm!!

We seek individuals that genuinely care for our startups. We are a free incubator and resource for robotics and foodtech. Our goal is to genuinely attract and empower entrepreneurs and such talent by leveraging our network of qualified investors. 


If interested, please apply here.

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