VC Associate @ MS&AD Ventures in Menlo Park, CA

MS&AD Ventures is looking to bring on a full time Principal / Associate to help us
to scale and support more portfolio companies. The candidate will be part of the
investment team, working with the two MS&AD Ventures partners.
Primarily, the Associate or Principal will be responsible for carrying out tasks
such as deal sourcing, due diligence (including market, competitive, and
customer analysis), conducting industry research, and helping with investment
decision-making. Venture Capital is a service business, and the Principal /
Associate will be heavily involved in supporting portfolio companies with business
development, potential hires, investor relations, and attaining customers. The
Principal / Associate will also be helping companies to build strong relationships
with MS&AD’s operating companies and with business development.
A successful candidate for this role will be expected to attend board meetings,
design and support projects, programs and events that MS&AD hosts, and build
long-term relationships with founders and other venture investors relevant to
MS&AD Ventures ecosystem.

First and foremost, the Associate/Principal must be able to thrive in a fast-moving
venture community and, like the rest of the MS&AD team, operate autonomously.
We move quickly, and we want someone on our team who helps us to move
faster. We want someone who hustles and takes initiative, but is also a strong
team player. We value humility and we want someone who has great respect for
the founders the firm backs, and the risks they take. 
Successful applicants will possess at least 3-5 years work experience, either in
an operational role, at a venture-backed startup, or in a previous VC-related
position. They should also hold a minimum of a bachelors degree and we value
people who have some level of technical background who can understand and
evaluate technology innovations. MBAs are not required, but we think the multi-
disciplinary education of an MBA can be helpful.
Additionally, candidates should be able to demonstrate strong analytical and
interpersonal skills. Awareness and appreciation for different cultures is
important, as we are work globally. And of course we want someone who is
excited to become a key member of the investment team and help us to build
and evolve the MS&AD Ventures platform.

If you are interested, please send your resume to

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