VC Associate @ Human Capital in San Francisco, CA

Human Capital is a venture firm for engineers. We believe great companies are built by great engineers, and we invest in people and companies that share the same belief.

In the last 5 years, that mantra has led us to invest in 10 companies before they became unicorns, including Snowflake, Anduril, Livongo, and Brex (where we wrote the first check). We have over $500M AUM and we’ve built a network of over 5,000 incredible, driven, ambitious engineers.

Now we’re looking for associates to help build our next chapter.


Being the first investor doesn’t mean writing the first check. It’s everything before the first check. It’s investing in people as people, years before they’re founders. It’s asking about their craziest dreams, then helping them inch (or sprint) closer to them, whenever and however it makes the most sense for them.

We’re building a team of associates. We see associates as the first investors in the engineers with the potential to build generation-defining companies. Because investing isn’t just about writing checks. It’s about investing in people.


  • Be a coach and thought partner for 100 to 200 engineers. You’ll talk about life goals, equity packages, and the concept of progress. The path to becoming a founder is weird and windy. You’ll be there for whatever each person’s path looks like.
  • Spend your time talking to engineers who want to be founders. You’ll talk to five to ten people on an average day over Zoom, coffee, drinks or walks. This should sound exciting, not exhausting.
  • Think creatively about how to find and build relationships with future engineer founders. You know them best, because you’re not unlike them (and you know many of them already). Maybe it’s going to Collision or SXSW. Maybe it’s hanging out on Product Hunt or Indie Hackers. Maybe it’s posting up at Coupa Cafe. Whatever it is, it’s definitely something you love doing.
  • Work closely with our venture and portfolio operations teams. You’ll partner with our portfolio operations team to find opportunities for your engineers at our startups—because you’ll know where their interests overlap with those of the companies we work with. When your engineers are exploring ideas or decide they’re ready to start something, you’ll partner with our investment team to assess the opportunity.


  • You’re an engineer that believes in the power of both people and products. You’ve operated in highly technical fields and solved highly technical challenges, but you abide by a simple truth: it comes down to the people.
  • You get energy from building relationships. You index high on the “care personally” axis. Your colleagues consider you a friend and your friends their advice-giving sage.
  • You optimize for the long term. You think and measure impact in years, decades and lifetimes, not quarters.
  • You want to change venture, not just be in venture. You believe in the potential of VC as a system to enable and empower curious and ambitious people, but know it can be better.

If interested, please apply here.

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