VC Associate @ Authentic Ventures in San Francisco, CA

Authentic Ventures is a different kind of VC fund. We are based in Oakland, California, and get particularly excited about discovering and supporting diverse talent. We focus on seed and early-stage investments (mostly software), and approximately 50% of our investments to date have been in companies led by women or minority founders. We have developed an extensive and diverse network of engineers, operating executives, founders, investors and company builders that help us source, vet, and support the companies and founders we invest in.


Authentic Ventures is seeking a skilled community manager to manage both online and offline community engagement for our mission-driven investment firm. A core part of our firm is a community (the Authentic Network) of developers, product managers, and designers. Your work will include fostering engagement and participation among members of the Authentic Network, including activating the network to benefit our portfolio companies and our Firm. You will also be the voice of Authentic Ventures online – developing, managing, and publishing relevant content on social media.

This is a remote position, but if you live in the Bay Area we have an office in the Uptown area of downtown Oakland, California.

This is currently a part-time position for a qualified independent contractor or part-time employee. We expect this position to be full time in the future.

Personal Qualities and Skills

You are self-aware, mature, entrepreneurial, and resourceful. You are an exceptional communicator with a high EQ. You believe in the power of diverse, inclusive communities. You look for ways to create value and you contribute enthusiastically to whatever needs to get done. You possess humility and a high level of integrity and are constantly striving to learn, deepen your skills, and improve yourself personally and professionally. You are known amongst your peers for being highly professional, scrappy, proactive, and having a high level of initiative – you get things done. You are team-oriented, flexible, and possess a strong work ethic. You have solid project management skills. You are a good listener and self-starter and have great communication skills.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Community Management: Our community is the foundation of our firm. Our community includes not only external members of the Authentic Network, but also our existing portfolio company founders, our investors, and co-investors, mission-aligned nonprofits, as well as organizations and philanthropic efforts that we and our stakeholders support. A key part of your job is to create engagement with this community and to expand our presence by identifying complementary organizations and events for partnership and collaboration. To ensure we have a successful community engagement strategy, you will not only design but also operationalize this strategy.
  • Online Ambassador and Content Development: You will spearhead the creation of our online presence by creating a social media plan and sharing content relevant to our community and mission.
  • Track Key Metrics: We believe that to be understood, success needs to be defined. You will help identify and track key success metrics related to our community engagement and growth.
  • Event Management: You will cost-effectively organize and manage events we host for our community. Additionally, you will ensure that we are plugged in to and are participants in events relevant to our community.


  • You have an undergraduate degree or higher (preferably from a top school) and at least 4 years of relevant professional experience (such as community development or management, customer advocacy, grassroots marketing, political organization, user experience/engagement). Ideally, your professional background includes experience directly related to your ability to create a strong sense of engagement for specific communities with tangible, quantifiable results.
  • You have strong writing skills and know-how to create engaging content.
  • You have an in-depth understanding of social channels (existing and emerging) and how to create engaging online content and conversations.
  • You know how to plan and execute events, regardless of budget or time constraints.
  • You have strong commercial instincts and can effectively manage projects and your personal time to maximize impact.

Optional Experience (But a Plus)

  • Demonstrated experience building communities and in fostering and growing values-based communities.


Authentic-Ventures welcomes applicants of all genders and races and strives to create a highly inclusive and diverse work environment.

More about Authentic Ventures

Authentic Ventures was formed in 2016 with the goal of generating exceptional returns by building a network around highly talented but often overlooked operators and founders. Although we invest in all founders (irrespective of race or gender), our highly inclusive network over-indexes to women and people of color. We are looking for talented, values-aligned talent to grow our tight-knit team as we scale our asset base in our second fund.

To Apply

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