VC Analyst @ VC Academy in San Francisco, CA

VC Academy is looking for young investment professionals and aspiring investors to match with hiring venture capital firms in the United States.

Everybody knows that getting the first VC job is the hardest. Let us negotiate a VC job for you on your behalf! Our students from previous cohorts were able to choose from 2-3 VC firms.

VC Academy has developed a training Program for junior positions (VC analyst/ VC associate) and will match the best trainees with different VC firms that have internship opportunities with the potential of permanent employment. We train you for the job — VC firms provide the job.

We Are Looking For Bright Minds With:

  • Deep passion for startups and entrepreneurship
  • Long-lasting drive and thirst to learn
  • Desire to take ownership of work
  • Strong bias for action
  • Willingness to invest in themselves and others

You’ll Be Expected To Become Very Good At:

  • Sourcing new investment opportunities
  • Performing due diligence on select investment opportunities
  • Assessing deal terms
  • Building and maintaining relations with startups
  • Being a critical team player for a VC firm



Apply by September 25, 2019

Location & Requirements:

The academic and training part of the Program can be followed online entirely from any part of the world and according to your own schedule.

After graduation, we can match you with full-time, part-time, office or remote internship opportunities. Flexibility is one of our main values.

Residents of other countries are welcome to participate, however, neither VC Academy, nor VC firm that will offer you internship will fund or reimburse your travel and/or relocation expenses or sponsor your visa. We will be happy to recommend an immigration attorney who could help you with the latter.



VC Academy provides professional development programs for a tuition fee and assists the students who score the highest on our test with internship at VC firms, whether paid or non-paid, depending on the terms and conditions of the inviting VC firm. 

Trainees of the VC Associate Program are offered equity share in our special purpose vehicle that invests in some of the promising Silicon Valley startups.


If interested, please apply here.

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