Senior VC Manager @ Porsche Digital in San Jose, CA

Help design the future of Porsche Digital. Our mandate is to recognize digitalization strategies and trends in the U.S. market and develop and test solutions for Porsche. The Silicon Valley office will focus on the topics of digitalization, business innovation, and smart mobility and will explore new products and features for Porsche Digital. 


  • Identify and scout key innovators and startups that will help to fulfill Porsche Digital’s vision and digital business/product offerings. This includes the identification technology, business model and strategy innovations as well as unique talents and teams.
  • Ability to communicate innovations and startup capabilities to other Porsche Digital teams.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with emerging organizations and innovators early on by developing networking capabilities, participating in start-up environments and collaborating with VCs, startup incubators and accelerators.
  • Creating a landscape for interesting VC’s & StartUps in the Area of Mobility Innovations, Digital Lifestyle and Digital Emerging Technologies
  • Identify and assess investment opportunities for Porsche Digital in the search areas of premium automotive, mobility and digital lifestyle (generate and maintain consistent dealflow as a source for new business models and investments)
  • Conduct financial and capabilities due diligence analysis including:
    • Market opportunity assessment
    • Technology, business and IP assessments
    • Competition assessment
    • Assessment of financial structure, organizations health
    • Alignment with existing investments and internal as well as other external stakeholders
    • Negotiation of contracts and terms and conditions, dependencies, expectations and exit terms
  • Manage overall startup and financial investment community partnerships; maintain potential investment portfolio
  • Support the partnering and venturing team in internal and external events and build, maintain and develop the network to the startup eco-system
  • Committee preparation and organization (eg preparation of decision templates for top management meetings)



  • At least 7 years of working experience in relevant areas such as information technology, digital business model innovations and startup scouting/partnerships
  • Analytical understanding of new technology and markets evolutions with a specific focus on customer value propositions and opportunities
  • Being able to be the link between startups and corporate stake holders
  • Understanding of premium automotive, mobility and lifestyle related industries a plus

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