Senior VC Associate @ HyperFund in San Francisco, CA

HyperFund is hiring an Associate who will work directly with our CEO supporting both our investment process and operations. The role is a balance between strategy and execution.

Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing, monitoring, and managing new investment opportunities
  • Conducting investment research and diligence
  • Processing, tracking, and managing communications within the HyperFund network including fund managers and LPs
  • Reviewing the applications of potential hires
  • Initiating and leading special projects (i.e., building internal products and programs, research deep dives)
  • Managing the CEO’s branding/marketing
  • Financial reporting
  • Overseeing scheduling and contact management performed by an executive assistant
  • Attending meetings and calls with the CEO and own action-items and follow-ups
  • Creating pitch decks, models and materials to support investor relations, fundraising, and business development opportunities

About HyperFund

HyperFund is a new venture capital fund of funds based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have a thesis-driven approach and an innovative model for investing in and supporting early-stage VC funds.


Candidates should be versed in at least two of the following: investing, technology, operations, finance. We hope to meet candidates with 2–6 years of total working experience and require candidates to have some prior venture capital experience.

Candidates might currently be:

  • An analyst or associate at an investment firm who wants to supercharge their experience
  • In an operations, finance, or chief of staff role at a tech startup with a desire to move into investing

Regardless of experience, an ideal candidate is:

  • An Expert Communicator – The polish and presence to sit one on one with a Fortune 500 CEO, the writing talent to craft an eloquent yet succinct article, and the public speaking ability to engage a conference audience.
  • An Efficient Project Manager – Deeply organized, detail-oriented, and can keep things on track.
  • A Quick Learner – The ability to absorb and apply new information at an extremely rapid rate and know the right questions to ask, as well as when to listen and learn.


This is an exciting opportunity to participate in a VC firm from its early stages of growth. Compensation will include a base salary and a bonus or carried interest based on performance.

Here’s what we would expect an Associate to do after the role:

  • Being promoted within HyperFund.
  • Joining or starting a venture fund.
  • Joining or starting a tech startup.
  • Joining a large tech company.

IF interested, please apply here.

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