Senior VC Associate @ Acrew Capital in San Francisco, CA

Acrew Capital is hiring a senior associate predominantly focused on our
growth-stage fund, the Diversify Capital Fund. We believe that every investment team member should have an equal voice in investment decision making; if this philosophy excites you, read on and reach out…!

About Acrew Capital

Acrew is a thesis-driven venture capital firm investing at the early and growth stages, while managing ~$1.1bn in assets. Our Long Term View (LTV) fund is our early-stage vehicle investing and supporting companies in the earliest stages. Our Diversify Capital Fund (DCF) helps diversify the ownership and leadership of leading growth stage companies through value added capital. Our crew has been working together for several years and across multiple funds. We are a multi-generational partnership that avoids hierarchy and encourages diversity across many verticals. Our core values are rooted in depth of conviction, diversity of perspective, trust and authenticity, and ongoing development of our team and the teams we serve.

  • We’re thesis driven investors focusing on fintech, cybersecurity, data platforms + infrastructure, community-powered consumer, and web3 / crypto.
  • Our team has a mix of deep investing experience combined with substantial operating experience (examples include Accel, Google, Imperva, Greycroft, Stubhub, Yodlee).
  • We’re learning every day from the awesome companies in our portfolio. In just five years, we already have invested in 50+ of them, including At-BayChimeCato NetworksCoinbaseDeserveDiscordEden HealthExabeamFinixForescoutGustoHotel TonightPapaya PaymentsPie InsurancePlaidSolv, and The RealReal.
  • We believe in collaborating closely with our portfolio companies and CEOs. Each of us invests in and supports our entrepreneurs.

Sr. Associate Role at Acrew Capital

As a senior associate at Acrew, you are likely a tech-savvy self-starter with strong analytical capabilities who enjoys digging into new industries, is excited to work closely with our companies, and believes venture & growth can be practiced as a team sport. Additionally:

  • You have probably spent 3–5 years in venture capital, management consulting, investment banking or in an analytical role at a tech company or startup.
  • You are highly analytical and can draw insightful conclusions from large and complex data sets.
  • You are detail oriented.
  • When you find an interesting pattern (in data or otherwise), you can’t help but go deeper and learn more.
  • You have experience juggling competing projects and processes that may be on different timelines.
  • You are constantly reading about new startups and technologies, you identify and play with new products, and you have a view on the next big opportunity in the spaces that you and the firm are passionate about.
  • You have a great tech network that you’re constantly expanding and you love connecting with new, exciting people and ideas.
  • You want to gain exposure to the investment process, in its entirety, and work closely and collaboratively with our team and our companies.
  • You are proactive and resourceful in understanding the nuances of businesses as potential investment opportunities.
  • You’re entrepreneurial or were an entrepreneur yourself and are inspired by the opportunity to be scrappy and build from the ground up. You want to guide great ideas into becoming great companies. Together with Acrew, you’re interested in creating the next generation of VC.
  • You’re based in the Bay Area or will be able to relocate to the Bay Area.

You will be involved in supporting the growth team in all aspects of the investment process for DCF, including:

  • Conducting due diligence of prospective new and follow-on investments, including analysis of financials, key metrics, growth opportunities, and future financing prospects.
  • Developing analytical perspectives on markets and opportunities across our thesis areas.
  • Sourcing, screening, and evaluating growth stage companies that might present new investment opportunities.
  • Helping Acrew’s portfolio companies continue to grow and attract talent.
  • Attending conferences and industry events as a representative of Acrew.
  • Evaluating and implementing initiatives that build upon the broader Acrew ecosystem.

How To Apply

Please fill out the application here: and our team will be in touch post our review of your application. If you have any questions, please reach out to and include “DCF Senior Associate” in the subject line.

Looking forward to learning more about you!

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