Managing VC Partner @ The Yard Ventures in San Francisco, CA

AV’s purpose is to grow and engage with an inclusive community of teammates, investors, and entrepreneurs to disrupt the status quo and build a better future. Fueled by a disruptive business model and an innovative solution for an underserved market, Alumni Ventures (AV) is growing rapidly, with 140+ employees and 19 investing teams working from locations in Boston, Chicago, New York City, the Bay Area, Austin, and a headquarters in Manchester, NH.

AV provides accredited investors with a smart, simple way to own high-quality, professionally-managed venture portfolios. AV offers dozens of distinct funds, including Alumni Funds that support the entrepreneurial ecosystems of the alumni of many top universities nationwide, Focused Funds that offer specific investment themes broadly to accredited individual investors, and Syndications Funds consisting of an individual startup company investment, and more. We are private, for-profit, and not affiliated with any school. AV is a fast-paced work environment with a dedicated approach to growth and innovation that is centered on regular change, experimentation, learning (from both failures and successes), iteration, and continuous improvement.

AV has invested in over 700 portfolio companies on behalf of thousands of accredited investors; and supports a widespread, engaged community of hundreds of thousands of stakeholders that includes investors, entrepreneurs, subscribers and community members. AV typically co-invests with established venture firms and does not lead investment rounds or take board seats.

About This Role

We are currently underway building a second and independent investment fund and team for The Yard Ventures, our highly successful fund for Harvard alumni and friends. As such, we are seeking a founding Managing Partner who will contribute in both venture capital investing (sourcing, recruiting, researching, and evaluating deals) and building our community (fundraising, community engagement, and relationship development). This individual will serve as the leader of the Fund’s investing work and will oversee the creation of a unique portfolio amassing highly valuable strategic assets.

The successful Managing Partner at The Yard Ventures will drive enhanced deal quality and improve co-investing opportunities for AV Funds and investors. As Managing Partner of the Fund, this individual will report to AV’s Investment Teams Board. This is a full-time position based in our new Bay Area office with some travel required for the successful execution of responsibilities.

Profile Requirements

  • MBA graduate or advanced degree preferred
  • 10+ years of experience and a strong track record in professional venture investing
  • Significant experience in an executive/leadership role
  • Significant investing experience across various sectors and stages
  • Alumnus or professional alumnus of the Harvard community strongly preferred
  • Entrepreneurial DNA; broad operating background a plus
  • Demonstrated experience in implementing and executing standardized business processes
  • Comfortable and enthusiastic supporter of AV’s unique model and investing playbook

Desired Traits

  • Significant venture network. Ready and able to engage a network of venture and startup professionals who can provide you and The Yard Ventures access to a high number of exceptional investing opportunities
  • Strong network within the Harvard community and university ecosystem
  • Demonstrated interest in emerging technologies and innovation, as evidenced by a professional track record of meaningful involvement in the startup space and personal involvement with opportunities around cutting-edge technology
  • Experience advising, consulting, and valuing emerging companies and/or new technologies
  • Track record of investing including significant venture deals sourced from a personal, professional network of venture and startup connections
  • Proven ability to build rapport with entrepreneurs, management teams, boards of directors, venture capitalists, alumni, and other contributors to the venture ecosystem
  • Domain expertise in one or more tech/startup sectors
  • Strong fundraising skills and ability to excel in all aspects of holding meetings, taking calls, follow-up, and closing
  • Track record of being able to build meaningful relationships with UHNW and HNW individuals
  • Strong deal sheet


  • Meet and exceed regular, periodic goals as established by HQ and all appropriate functional departments (i.e., Community, Office of Investments, etc.).
  • Establish, manage, and grow personal relationships with fellow alumni throughout the venture community and well beyond
  • Identify top-tier deal resources and conduct outreach to VCs, entrepreneurs, incubators, and more to help cement deal flow for the fund
  • Educate deal sources and companies/entrepreneurs about our process and effectively manage relationships in a professional, courteous manner
  • Research and evaluate each company and industry as a potential investment, including company teams, competitors, and customers
  • Help oversee and manage due diligence
  • Manage The Yard Ventures team with active coaching and mentoring
  • Work directly with the fund’s team to develop an investment pipeline and portfolio manage existing investments
  • Present companies to Investment Committee and respond to Investment Committee, CIO, and investor questions
  • Lead and close conversations and meetings with fund investors
  • Serve as the primary face of the fund, helping drive community growth, strength, and effectiveness
  • Serve as an ambassador of AV, representing the company’s mission, goals, and brand
  • Work directly with the AV portfolio companies to develop a strong relationship to facilitate future investments, aggressively pursue promising follow-on opportunities, monitor progress, facilitate Portfolio Services
  • Lead investor relations and potential investor outreach
  • Engage with and support our Fellows, provide mentorship and leverage their time to support fund activities
  • Help supervise back-end functions as needed
  • Suggest improvements to our approach, process, products, and services
  • Be an exceptional teammate and partner for the fund, your sister funds, and fellow colleagues
  • Adhere to AV policies and procedures regarding conduct, job performance, information management and administrative functions, communicating appropriately regarding any need for exceptions
  • Adhere to AV standards and processes for deal evaluation and portfolio management and construction


  • Base Salary
  • Carried Interest
  • Equity in AV

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