VC Partner @ Venture University in New York City, NY

Venture University is a multi-stage investment fund and a trade school for venture capital, private equity, and angel investing.


Venture University is redefining the value of an investment fund by creating an investment team that is capable of covering markets broader, deeper, faster, and smarter than a typical fund, providing a significantly more powerful network that can better support portfolio companies, and offering greater value to LPs.


Venture University’s mission is to generate consistent and superior returns net of fees and develop and curate top investor talent for the benefit of the innovation ecosystem.


Venture University’s investment fund invests initially up to $1M per company and up to $10M in follow-on rounds. Each quarter the investment team develops 3-5 core market theses and invests across Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech / Blockchain, Healthcare, and Frontier Tech companies.


Venture University’s Trade School is designed as an Investor Accelerator and includes a VC/PE Investment Apprenticeship and Academic Program. Venture University accepts <2% of the applications it receives, making it more competitive to get into than the top Ivy League schools and MBA programs.


The Investor Accelerator includes individuals who aim to join venture capital and private equity funds, angel investors and family offices who seek to professionalize their investment strategies, aspiring new fund managers, entrepreneurs who want to learn to think like investors, experienced professionals who would like to make career transitions, and undergraduate and graduate students.


Individuals accepted into the Investor Accelerator gain quality investment experience by deal sourcing, conducting due diligence, presenting investment evaluations, participating on investment committees, making real investments with real capital, building a deep network within the startup and VC/PE industry, and sharing in the financial upside from the investments made.

Hiring Date: 

This role starts September 16th, 2019 in NYC.  The ideal candidate would be able to spend some time between June – Aug 2019 in San Francisco to work with the San Francisco team to prepare for launching the NYC office in September. 

 Responsibilities of the Partner: 

  • Lead, manage, and work with 10-30 investment apprentices on deal sourcing, conducting due diligence, preparing investment evaluations.
  • Lead weekly partners meetings and investment committees
  • Act as a mentor for career development and strategy for members in each cohort
  • Cultivate career opportunities for members of each cohort
  • Make 3-5 investments every 3 months at the seed and Series A stage, occasionally making investments at the Series B+ stage and follow-on investments
  • Deal source from top VC/PE funds, accelerators, and startup founders 
  • Review investment documents to co-invest, and at times negotiate and lead investments
  • Work with our legal council on investment documents and closing investments
  • Attend or host VC / Startup networking events 
  • Collaborate on the development of the program, curriculum, and advise the strategic direction of Venture University and the investment fund 
  • Recruit individuals and corporations for Venture University’s programs
  • Support the efforts of identifying and bringing in Limited Partners to the investment fund  


  • Must be located in or move to the NYC area 
  • 7+ yrs doing Venture Capital and/or Private Equity 
  • A track record of investing in great companies as well as supporting portfolio companies from growth to exit
  • A strong network within the venture, private equity, angel, and startup ecosystem 
  • Passion for innovation and disrupting industries


  • Experience managing one or more people at an investment fund or organization 
  • A strong personal brand within the VC ecosystem
  • Experience successfully raising LP capital


This position is full-time (5 days per week). It includes a competitive cash compensation as well as carried interest / profit sharing in the VC/PE investment fund.


If you are interested, please apply here.

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