VC Partner @ Area 120 in New York City, NY

Minimum qualifications:

  • 10 years of technical experience, with 5 years of experience in a technical role on a startup founding team or as a startup investor.
  • 5 years of experience managing an incubator/accelerator program or portfolio of venture capital investments. Experience mentoring/advising startups/product teams and being responsible for resourcing decisions.
  • Product management experience.


Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience building culture in a high growth environment. Understanding of the tech world and insights into upcoming opportunities, and experience with the local startup ecosystem and venture capital communities.
  • Experience managing teams and products as they go from idea to traction, including making difficult trade-offs and handling challenging people management decisions.
  • Experience identifying, evaluating, and valuing acquisition and strategic investment opportunities.
  • Ability to mentor and lead a team of founders and/or early employees and ability to replicate success.
  • Excellent quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, including evaluating business performance through analysis and sound business judgment.

About the job

As an Area 120 Partner, you will be responsible for providing ongoing leadership in Area 120. This includes identifying investment leads and advising teams on how to succeed within Google. You will also work with the Partnership, our operating leaders and cross-functional partners to access the best of Google while smoothing the way for teams to operate more like a startup within Google. You will pride yourself on your flexibility, resourcefulness, high integrity, work ethic, and enjoy working in a small team under time and resource constraints.


  • Identify and develop ideas, products and talent that will generate sustainable value and/or provide a strategic advantage for Google.
  • Develop relationships and work with stakeholders within to identify project ideas, top talent and opportunities for sponsorship and involvement.
  • Work with teams in Area 120 as a manager, coach, advisor and board member. Make connections both inside and outside Google and help them navigate the organization to improve project velocity and better develop their careers.
  • Assess investments across the portfolio and make funding recommendations by understanding the primary drivers of a variety of businesses, identifying upsides and diagnosing potential pitfalls.
  • Identify and implement initiatives to improve or support the overall Area 120 program. Develop relationships with executives and product areas and work with teams based locally.

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