VC Investor @ Soma Capital in New York City, NY

Soma Capital is a multi-stage venture capital fund investing in “software automating the world” across any sector or geography, with an emphasis on B2B SaaS, Fintech and some frontier tech. We are relentlessly driven to build a 100+ year franchise to seed and double down on the next trillion dollar technology companies that will impact billions of people and push humanity forward.

We’ve invested in +20 unicorns now since launching 7 years ago, usually early and often the very first check. We aim to use the size and scale of our portfolio across all sectors and geographies to accelerate helping closing customers and cross pollinating insights for the next generation of diverse up-and-coming founders. We’re arguably one of the fastest growing “emerging VC’s” in the world and beginning to get recognition alongside the “greats.” We’re a lean team in a fast paced environment – think “startup VC” we’re a fund built by founders for founders. We just closed our 3rd seed fund (one of the largest in the world) . We have over $1b under management now and are launching a Follow On fund as well for growth to double down in our fastest growing growth stage companies

Soma General “Role” Philosophy: We hire for “slope not intercept” and given (a) we’re a flat organization (b) have a broad strategy (i.e., any stage x sector x geography) and (c) are scaling team at light speed, we are open to candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and tenures and will adjust responsibilities and compensation according to experience and skillset.

Investor Role Description: You will get to work across all functional tenets of the organization and with seed to late stage breakout companies. Get operational experience of a lifetime, and unleash your “super powers” within Soma to help our most talented founders (close customers, advise on product and strategy, help iterate and go to market etc) and you’ll accelerate Soma’s growth trajectory by giving the best customer service imaginable to our founders. Soma Cap now has mostly institutional backing, but some of our LPs (limited partners) are also co-founders of legendary technology companies (Facebook, Tinder, and Datadog, Docusign etc) who you’ll interact with as well bringing them in to help our portfolio founders. In addition, many of our unicorn portfolio founders we’ve seeded have become investors in Soma, and advisors, which gives us even more robust operational leverage to help our portfolio companies from seed to late stage.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Seed Investing: Support seed deal screening and evaluation, make recommendations, and carry through “onboarding” after we invest where we start giving massive value add / best customer service possible
  • Growth Investing: Support deal sourcing and evaluation across all stages Series A to pre-IPO. You will evaluate investment opportunities, determine key thesis and concerns, leverage your network and firm resources to perform due diligence. To do this successfully, we expect you to be a logical & analytical thinker, to be able to learn quickly, and be able to assess key thesis and risks to ultimately build conviction and communicate those findings through investment memos.
  • Portfolio: Develop “mastery of the portfolio” to create flywheel effects: the more you help new seed investments close customers, think through strategy, and be a 24/7 “outsourced chief of staff” to our most impressive founders, the more larger follow on allocations we’ll get for Soma Cap and the more our breakout most impressive founders love us, which in turn allows us to leverage them to “give back” to new seed investments helping w/ mentorship -> rinse and repeat the flywheel effects of value creation within Soma
  • LP Communications: Support with LP communications, including assistance with monthly LP reports and regular meetings updating them on portfolio company performance, plus any additional learnings or insights and what they should be excited about for the future of the portfolio.
  • Operations: Help with firm & infrastructure building (CRM, data room, etc.). Occasionally assist our Head of IR in building out / organizing our database of investors and their backgrounds & profiles  


  • 1–4 years of experience, including but not limited to investment banking, management consulting, private equity, or tech. Prior analytical experience is preferred
  • An outstanding record of professional and academic achievement
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as creative problem-solving ability in unstructured environments
  • Excellent attention to detail and follow through
  • Motivated, hard-working team player, able to work effectively in a small team setting
  • Genuine passion for technology and entrepreneurship. Insatiable intellectual curiosity
  • Ability to balance multiple projects and work on tight deadlines
  • Experience with detailed financial modeling including P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements as well as quantitative market research (e.g. market sizing, valuation comps) preferred
  • New York OR Miami preferred; SF OR remote possible

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