VC Internship @ High Output in New York City, NY

Last fall, I made the decision to leave institutional venture capital to coach startup leaders and angel invest. While I’ve enjoyed being an ‘Army of One’ for the last six months, I’d love some help and support as we head into the summer.

I’m now kicking off a process to hire my very first intern to help me with a variety projects and processes related to my angel fund and High Output, my boutique leadership development company. This lucky person will be my right hand for the summer. I need support sourcing investments, conducting diligence, creating thoughtful content and building community.

I’m looking for a Jack or Jill of all trades who is passionate about startups / technology and leadership development. I’m also looking for someone capable of wearing many hats. Finally and more importantly, I’m looking for someone obsessed with productivity, leverage, action (over analysis), life long learning and personal growth.

I’m looking for someone in college or a similar career stage, though I have an open mind. While I live in New York and prefer face-to-face interaction, the candidate can work from anywhere. This is a paid role.

Earlier in my career, I was fortunate to work for some remarkable leaders and mentors. These people and opportunities truly changed the trajectory of my career. My hope is that this role will prove the same for whoever is selected. I intend to pay it forward.

Applications are now open for the role:

  1. Upload a 2.5min video via YouTube introducing yourself and explaining why this role is a strong fit.
  2. Craft a ‘personal pitch deck’ – the .PDF could include but are not limited to: about me, values, core principles, strengths, weaknesses, experience, worldview, future plans, career aspirations, 100-day plan, sample projects, etc..

To be considered, email me at your application by Friday, May 8th at 11:59PM ET. Applications submitted via Twitter DMs won’t count.

If there’s a potential fit, I’ll follow up directly to schedule an initial phone screen. I hope to make a decision no later than Friday, May, 22nd. The ideal start date is around June 1st.

Thanks in advance for your interest and good luck!

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