VC Director @ NYS Innovation Venture Capital Fund in New York City, NY

Education Level required: Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, chemistry, biology or related field (or equivalent work experience in one or more of these sectors). Graduate degree in finance, accounting, public administration, public policy, urban planning, business administration, or related field is preferred.
Equivalent Experience required: 3+ years of investment related experience working in accounting, corporate finance, venture capital, venture law, angel investment, asset management, economic development, small business support, community development, or public policy.
Knowledge required: Excellent project management, writing, researching, and presentation skills. 
Strong analytical skills and the ability to interpret data and provide relevant conclusions/ recommendations. Solid understanding of the principals of corporate finance, economic development and public policy. Familiarity with common small business challenges.

Duties Description
BASIC FUNCTION: The Director is responsible for providing support to the NYSIVC Fund’s Managing Director and senior staff in all aspects of the venture capital investment process and is integrally involved in all aspects of the NYSIVC Fund, including the identification of potential investments, due diligence related to those investments, and post-investment activities related to the investment portfolio.


  • Participating in all aspects of the investment due diligence process including market sizing and mapping, competitive market identification, and industry research.
  • Developing and maintaining financial models related to VC financings, investment deal and company restructurings, valuation analyses, and liquidity events.
  • Preparing new investment deal review and presentation materials for the NYSIVC Fund Investment Advisory Committee and the ESD Board of Directors.
  • Supporting active deal flow by sourcing new investments including participating in meetings with founders and entrepreneurs, attending relevant conferences and networking events, and maintaining deal pipeline records.
  • Maintaining the NYSIVC company portfolio-This includes collecting and reviewing quarterly financial information, maintaining investment data, preparing company updates, and constructing professional presentation materials.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Additional Comments
  • Salary starting at specified amount
  • Comprehensive benefits package

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