VC Associate @ Occam Global in New York City, NY

The Associate will provide general support on a variety of search transactions. Job responsibilities include market research, competitive landscape analysis and the cultivation of candidates. The individual would also be expected to engage in more general marketing initiatives such as search proposals and opinion pieces. Depending on the manifest skills and interests, the individual could also get involved in firm-wide projects, such as website development and on-line marketing strategy and execution.

The skills required for success in the role include enlightened extroversion, intellectual curiosity, flexibility/an improvisational view of life and work, analytical discipline, behavioral nuance and a fluid vocal and written communication style.

This position provides an extraordinary opportunity to be at the center of the entrepreneurial universe at the cutting edge of innovation and company formation. We work with the smartest people, the most innovative technologies and the top tier venture firms. Upward mobility in the job, including increasing responsibility in the area of candidate interviewing as well as client interaction, would be the rewards of excellence in mastering the basics. Occam operates according to a learning ethic (“Life is a school, lest you’re a fool” – T. Monk). We need people who listen, thrive on group interaction but are inspired to create their job content.

If interested, please apply here.

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