VC Associate @ Fin Capital in New York City, NY

Fin is seeking an Investment Team Analyst to focus on the emerging decentralized finance space. Successful candidates will be well versed in all things Web 3/DeFi/Crypto with a strong network in the space, strong technical capabilities, and a demonstrated passion for business building. The role will work closely with our investing team as well as broader engagement across the whole Fin team. This person will be responsible for meeting entrepreneurs, evaluating investment opportunities (including developing a point of view on business/ tech/ team), supporting existing portfolio companies, and ensuring the Fin Capital team is up to speed on the latest industry developments. This role is an active contributor to Fin Capital’s primary goal of finding and investing in excellent entrepreneurs building incredible B2B Web3 companies.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Sourcing Investment Opportunities: Identify and source relationships with founders and influencers throughout the ecosystem. This includes proactive involvement in the crypto community, networking with peers, outreach to upstream investors, and building networks to find entrepreneurs and access deal flow.
  • Evaluate prospective investments: Assist in conducting a detailed and comprehensive review of potential investments and potential technology integrations or partnership opportunities across our portfolio and broader firm network.
  • Monitoring Industry and Technology: You will be responsible for monitoring and understanding the rapidly changing landscape of technologies, companies, investors, and founders and actively building a network of subject matter experts as the ecosystem evolves. This also includes interacting with traditional financial services and other enterprise companies to understand their Web3 strategy and the opportunities and challenges that it represents.
  • Technology Due Diligence: Develop a clear data-driven point of view on new technologies, categories and companies. Build and defend an informed thesis for why we should invest in a company or segment. This thesis should be supported by a deep analysis of both broad industry trends and granular data.


  • 2–4+ years of experience working in crypto or tech as an engineer, designer, data scientist, and/or product manager.
  • Undergraduate degree from a top institution and an excellent academic background. Technical backgrounds preferred.
  • Results oriented, self-motivated, networker, genuinely intellectually curious, strong verbal and written skills, attention to detail, and have a positive attitude for the future.
  • You are passionate about the early stage DeFi space, have a strong network, proficient in technology and tools (Microsoft Office), and comfortable learning new technologies and spaces frequently and quickly.

About Us:

Fin Capital is a full lifecycle global asset manager exclusively focused on FinTech. As ESG investors, we seek impact on several dimensions and our mission is to build a long-term legacy for our investors, founders, firm and team members – the “Fin Family.” We are passionate about rolling up our sleeves and partnering with repeat entrepreneurs that have deep financial services experience, audacious goals, differentiated products, and a global platform mindset.

We call ourselves “FinTech Nerds with Capital” as we are operators at our core with deep corporate and start-up leadership experience – we know intimately what it’s like to walk in entrepreneurial shoes. Through our “OS” Lighthouse and hands-on operating playbook, we add meaningful value beyond capital throughout the partnership lifecycle.

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