VC Internship @ The Fluent Group in Los Angeles, CA

The Fluent Innovation Analyst Internship is an exciting entrepreneurial opportunity within an innovation venture studio in the heart of Los Angeles. This position is ideal for individuals interested in pursuing a career in innovation consulting, strategy, venture capital, or entrepreneurship.

In this position you will provide value by creating new opportunities, driving innovation and helping our venture partners think differently about their businesses and brands. You will have opportunities to work with a variety of venture partners, categories, and internal teams.


  • Insights – Support the insight development process with facts and ideas, understand the difference between an observation and insight (commercial and consumer).
  • Data Analysis – Source and use data strategically to prove a point, field specific data requests, and ensure data is reliable and sourced. Observe and take accurate notes on consumer research, synthesize research findings into themes, tensions and potential opportunity areas.
  • Discovery – Identify key information from venture partners documents, reports and articles and bucket information according to the 5 C’s, elevate key learnings into potential opportunity areas and insights.
  • Financial Analysis – Help build a commercial model, support the development of competitive set for pricing analysis.
  • Inspiration Journeys – Coordinate itinerary and support content creative for safaris, provide logistic support and initial venue scan to team planning
  • Writing, Participation & Presentation – Strong business and creative writing with presentation copy, research concepts and email communication. Help fellow team members and serve as a sought out resource/contributor.
    Create top-tier presentation materials incorporating content from team members, serve as diligent editor and understanding Fluent’s presentation style in order to present own/teams works credibly to venture partners.



This is a paid part-time spring 2020 opportunity for second year students and a full-time opportunity for summer 2020 for interested students.


If interested, please apply here.

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