VC Associate @ Saltwater Capital in Los Angeles, CA

Saltwater is a private investment company backed by Ryan Graves, Uber’s first employee, first CEO, and a member of the company’s founding team.

At Saltwater, we partner with leadership teams for the long-haul. Unlike traditional private equity, we don’t have arbitrary investment horizons, so we’re aligned with company management for the long-term. We’re not interested in using high leverage, laying off employees, or making dramatic changes to our portfolio companies. We have a strong preference to maintain the successful status quo.

At Saltwater, we are driven by 3 simple principles:

People matter most – Life is too short to not spend it with great people. We strive to surround ourselves with those who are authentic, honest, intelligent, and who push us to be better every day.

Focus on the long-term – Since we don’t have any arbitrary investment horizons, we truly partner with entrepreneurs for the long-term. We’re patient investors focused on building value over the long run, even when that means years or decades.

Leave Earth better for our children – We look to partner with companies that provide attractive returns, not only financially, but to society and the environment that we care so much about.


We are looking for an investment associate to be a critical member of our team. As investment professional #2 at a $1B+ investment firm, you will have direct ownership over results and significant growth potential within the firm.

You will be responsible for all aspects of the direct investment process, including industry research, deal sourcing, financial modeling, due diligence, deal execution, and portfolio management.

At Saltwater, we focus on what really matters – creating long-term value. There’s no micromanagement, facetime, or office politics. While this position is based in Los Angeles, you will have the freedom to work where and when you want (within reason), as long as you get quality work done.


If interested, please apply here.

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