VC Associate @ Clocktower Ventures in London, England

Our UK-based Investment Associate will work hand in glove with the Venture Partner who runs our European practice, taking part in all aspects of our European fintech venture investments. Specifically, this person will help manage the sourcing, tracking, and evaluation of our deal flow.

  • Sourcing. You will be our boots on the ground in London and the broader European tech scene. You will carry our flag at every London-area tech event. You are systematic and deliberate in tracking private company information, and you build relationships with startups and other investors along the way. You are a natural networker—you like meeting new people and you yourself are also quite likeable.
  • Analysis. You will be driving the process of evaluating potential transactions from start to finish. You are a junkie for the next new idea and light up when listening to entrepreneurs share theirs. You look forward to building the detailed financial model of how one of our potential investments will actually make money. You are excited to crack the market sizing assumptions provided by entrepreneurs and unpack their assumptions. You are just cynical enough to recognize when a CEO hasn’t really figured it out, and confident enough to place a bet when you’re sure they have.
  • Partner support. You will be the jack-or-jill-of-all-trades for our London office. You’ll work closely with our London-based Venture Partner and lead on operational efforts. You won’t mind spending time coordinating calendars, updating databases, or being the go-between communicator between our two offices. You are good at simply figuring things out and don’t get flustered easily. You are an organizational wizard who makes everyone around you better – a lot better.

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