VC Analyst @ Open Ocean in London, England

OpenOcean is a leading early-stage venture capital fund that invests in outstanding entrepreneurs launching movements to change the world. From companies like MySQL, MariaDB, TrueCaller, LoopMe, Nosto, IQM, Sunlight and Supermetrics we have accumulated rich experience in business software both with super-scalable go-to-market models like open source, freemium downloads and SaaS, and commercialisation with the largest enterprises and service providers in the world. In our home geography of Europe, we see great opportunity in sectors including Artificial Intelligence, Data/Cloud Infrastructure, Quantum Computing, Intelligent Automation and Digital Platform Enablers. For further information about our approach, portfolio and team please check our website.

Key Responsibilities

  • Find the most amazing investments Contribute to all aspects of deal-flow, from sourcing to evaluation of potential investments.
  • Evaluate potential investments Provide detailed company and sector research and analysis, incl. financial models. Build hypotheses about where the market is moving, support hypotheses with extensive validation leveraging experts and industry players. Support partners with moving towards decision making based on thorough due diligence.
  • Prepare materials for the Investment Committee and other key meetings.
  • Work on various topics to build theses for investment in certain areas (such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing).
  • Co-author “thought leadership” pieces in the form of articles, blog posts, podcasts etc.
  • Cultivate our network of thought leaders, consultants and advisors as required. Work with our legal partners to prepare legal and transaction documentation.
  • Help us create value for our portfolio Monitor post-investment activities such as keeping up-to-date on portfolio performance and preparing returns forecasts.
  • Be active part of our team’s and network’s activities including many events.


  • Background Minimum 2-6 years of experience that serves as a good preparation for the venture capital industry; exposure to deep technology fields is a bonus. As such, some combination of entrepreneurship, start-ups, venture capital, business development, corporate strategy, corporate finance, or technology-focused private equity is a must. Experience as C-level co-founder and/or Product Manager in a startup is highly preferable. Good transactional experience or aptitude.
  • Areas of expertise Fluent in latest technology advancements and needs. Deep understanding of technologies at least in one vertical (AI, cybersecurity, quantum computing, data processing, cloud, DevOps, software architectures etc) is a bonus.
  • Curious mind and desire to learn more every day. Desire to challenge yourself while gaining peerless immersion into the European tech start-up scene. Keen interest in technology and start-ups.
  • Academic Background Top graduate from reputable University a must. Computer science, Physics, Mathematics or engineering degree highly preferable.
  • Top analytical skills Strong analytical skills to understand both quantitative data and qualitative evidence as we evaluate investment opportunities, and then communicate results effectively. Strong financial and business modelling skills. Ability to apply business judgement when seeing data from start-ups.
  • Communication skills Strong communication and collaboration skills. Ability to see through the complexity and focus on what’s most important and communicate the thought process in a concise and effective way to various audiences.
  • Personality Starter – finisher mentality with rhino-strength resilience. Ability to be a great team member enjoying working in diverse environments. Ability to work independently, in a start-up environment. Ability to navigate tight deadlines autonomously, juggle a long list of competing priorities, and move fast without compromising sharp attention to detail.


  • You will be joining a young and dynamic venture capital team, friendly and non-hierarchical.
  • You will be helping promote the firm in the European and global scene.
  • You will become part of our larger network, including DataSeries.
  • The chance to interact with the most exciting technology entrepreneurs, companies and investors, and to be the first to know of and experience cutting-edge innovations.
  • The chance to attend technology conferences and start-up networking events.
  • Market competitive salary and bonus.
  • Career development in one of the strongest emerging players in Europe. We are here to build a global firm, and we are asking for your long-term commitment if you join.

If interested, please apply here.

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