VC Analyst @ Atomico in London, England

Atomico is one of Europe’s largest venture capital firms founded in 2006 by Niklas Zennström.   We are at the centre of the European technology ecosystem and are passionate about continuing to build that ecosystem, and partnering with the most ambitious, mission-driven founders building category-winners.  

If you want to be part of a team committed to partnering with game-changing founders, consciously scaling companies in the pursuit of solving world problems at scale, then Atomico is the place for you.  You will be joining a Company which is mission-driven and principles-led, with a one-team approach to converting opportunities and creating value, whilst contributing meaningfully to a better future. 


In this role, you’ll be responsible for generating and sharing insights that support the core activities of the firm, including investments. Your contributions will support us to make better decisions and help our team to have more informed conversations with our most important stakeholders, including founders, investors, LPs, and the wider industry.  

While this is not an investment role, you will be close to the investment decision-making process, to which we expect you to contribute insights and relationships.


  • Identify emerging tech trends and clusters to support thematic sourcing activities
  • Systematically track and gather intelligence on relevant market and competitive trends
  • Support firmwide data management strategies to enable systematic Insight generation
  • Help spot interesting companies and provide enriched signals to the Investment team
  • Support portfolio company monitoring and fund analysis
  • Support the production of the annual flagship ‘State of European Tech’ report
  • Interface with the Atomico team for ad hoc internal Insights requests
  • Support firmwide strategic projects with relevant Insight generation  
  • Help to maintain best-in-class set of third-party suppliers
  • Build relationships and develop a high quality networks within the broader ecosystem
  • Contribute to team and firm building initiatives  


The most important long term investment we make is to hire, develop and retain smart, open minded, creative, ambitious, entrepreneurial, mission driven and independent thinking people with integrity and humility who are here to win as part of Team Atomico. 

  • Ability to tell stories with data: You love the power of data and logical reasoning to connect dots, unlocking its secrets and telling its story, so that others are empowered by the new-found knowledge and can look into the future 
  • Analytical skills:You’re able to use a variety of tools (Google Sheets, Excel, Google Slides, Powerpoint) to produce high-quality analysis. If you have affinity for working with alternative data and familiarity with data infrastructure (e.g. MySQL), that’s a bonus, though not required
  • Track record: Your passion and commitment has helped you to frequently overcome challenges and exceed people’s expectations in your life, including in your early professional career (2+ years of experience in a relevant field) 
  • Passion for (European) tech: You’re passionate about the role that technology and entrepreneurship will play in helping to solve world problems at scale 
  • Curiosity: You are committed to learning and your curiosity to generate and explore new ideas is rarely, if ever, satisfied 
  • Managing relationships: You understand how to build strong interpersonal relationships within a diverse group of decision-makers and teams and are able to contribute effectively, whoever is around you
  • Time and project management: You understand your time is your most valuable asset and you set and manage your priorities on that basis. You like to see things through until completion, and you are not happy when something is started but not taken to an appropriate conclusion 
  • Humble: You recognise that if you *think* you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re probably in the wrong room. You are modest about your abilities, but you are confident to use them to improve the way things get done around you  
  • Powers of persuasion: Autonomous and capable of defending ideas in front of a variety of stakeholders at the company


  • Competitive salary
  • Comprehensive benefits package, including but not limited to: private medical insurance, 10% non contributory pension contribution, generous fitness subsidy, health & wellbeing support, unlimited holiday, daily lunch allowance and competitive family-friendly benefits to support working parents
  • Access to training & development opportunities relevant to the role

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