VC Strategist @ Hermann’s in Berlin, Germany

We are looking for a food and trend enthusiast with a business or strategic planning background, to serve as strategist in our team.

We are looking for someone who is vision driven, with strong ambition to understand and shape interrelations and ambivalences of societal and economic spheres. Someone who is just as excited about the new wave of awareness around food as we are and wants to be part of it. Someone who enjoys uncovering the most promising ideas to fix our broken food system. Someone who believes in the collaboration of food innovators, artists, scientists, politicians, tradition-conscious entrepreneurs as basis for change. Someone to whom a good future of food means tackling environmental, health and social issues while celebrating culture around food.

This is a full-time position with the prospect of permanent employment, based in Berlin.

About the position

You lead our research on brands, products, companies and consumer culture as part of our interdisciplinary innovation strategy consultancy team. Our understanding of research includes theoretical digging for cultural and market-driven niche indicators as well as an active direct exchange with a diverse range of partners from our ecosystem.Your role is to screen and ensure research quality in close exchange with other team members.

  • You work closely with our Consulting strategy lead and Head of Ideas to formulate strategies for our clients.
  • You personally convince our clients of the opportunities behind our findings.
  • You pragmatically support our mission internally and externally, while acquiring the skills of a senior strategist.
  • You work in an environment where our vision frames our doing and not vice versa, and where results count more than hours, egos and ties.
  • You will find people here, not facades. We come from all different ideological backgrounds: that dynamic can be tense for some, but for us, it’s rewarding and essential to our philosophy.

Who we look for

  • You identify with our goals.You understand food as essential for people, planets and yourself.
  • You think and work in a visionary, goal-oriented way. You identify with the idea of pragmatic idealism and believe business can be a vehicle for change.
  • After 2 years of professional experience in business, strategic planning and/or the food industry you have a great understanding of the food industry as well as an insight into food and brand innovation and can refer to dreamers, craftsmen, activists and managers.
  • Your interdisciplinary background enables you to understand the connections and ambivalences between economic, social and political areas in order to be able to relate food trends at macro level. Being at home in an urban lifestyle, awareness for food culture and high niche trend affinity is natural to you.
  • You have experience and enjoy working closely together in diverse teams.
  • You adhere to high research standards and content quality. Starting over as part of strategic processes does not frustrate you.Your results show rigor and creativity.
  • You have good presentation and communications skills to be equipped for presenting to customers and public audiences.
  • You want to grow as who you are and seek merit rather than status.


HERMANN’S is an innovation vehicle for the food industry. We are a daughter company of Bahlsen, a long-standing biscuit company in Germany. Our Innovation Strategy team works closely with our Food Ecosystem and HERMANN’S Eatery in Berlin. We help established food companies to find and adopt innovations that can be a struggle to generate in-house. We identify cultural shifts, new niche products or brands, restaurants and online trends that indicate future developments in specific food markets. We then support our clients to translate this information into brands, portfolios and products.

Formal Conditions

You are available full-time in Berlin or willing to relocate to Berlin. You can prove relevant work experience, projects, education and/or personal affinity. Please note that, for this position, fluency in German and English is a must.

Contact and Application information

We don’t need you to write a long, formal cover letter. Instead:

  1. Please list three new developments in food that you are excited about and explain why- this can be innovative new restaurants, food bloggers, a specific product or brand, or an obscure new food trend. 
  2. Please write a short paragraph on why you wish to work for HERMANN’S specifically. 

Please direct your complete application in a single file to We may only respond to candidates successful in securing an interview.Thanks for understanding. If this is for you, let’s get in touch!

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